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Lights, Camera, Grilling!

Like a lot of teenagers in the 1970s I parked myself in front of a television for more hours than I will ever recall. My favorite shows though were not the sitcoms or late-night horror movies that mesmerized my friends. I had a strange fascination with Julia Child and her cooking shows on public television. For reasons mysterious to my friends, my family, and also me, I couldn’t get enough of this unusually tall, high-pitched woman and her wild enthusiasm for cooking. Especially odd was the fact that I didn’t even cook. I lived at a boarding school and ate in a cafeteria every day. Only now does my little obsession with Julia Child make sense. She was my culinary muse long before I knew my life would be in food.

I have been thinking of her lately because I am working on a series of grilling classes for www.webernation.com, where I share some ideas on topics like “How to grill pizza” and “Barbecued chicken two ways.” A new one is posted on the website every other week.


Springtime in Seattle


There is nothing like video for showing exactly how to cook over a live fire. In my series of classes on www.webernation.com I demonstrate my latest techniques for both gas and charcoal grilling.

I’ll never be in Julia Child’s league as a teacher (who will?), but I’m sure that in these videos I am drawing on those countless hours in my teenage years absorbing her straight-talking style and come-what-may attitude. Please give the website a try, and check out the audio classes, too. If they inspire you to grill something great this summer, consider posting your recipe and personal story on the website. It is an exciting place for grillers, a place I think Julia Child would have appreciated, because she always supported the idea of food communities built around people without pretensions. Amen to that!

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